Thursday, May 28, 2015

Impact of bad drugs for users

Drug abuse is a 'chronic disease' that causes prolonged misery as:
1. The incidence or cases increased rapidly
2. The high rate of relapse after being treated
3. The high number of deaths due to various causes
4. Danger and deadly infectious diseases: hepatitis, HIV/AIDS.
5. The amount of social and economic costs to be borne by families, communities and countries.

Dangerous drug because it affects the brain or central nervous system, and normal adolescent development power to:

1. Memory, so it's easy to forget
2. Attention, making it difficult concentration
3. Feelings, so it can not act rationally
4. Perception, thus providing a feeling of false or imaginary
5. Motivation, so the desire and ability to learn degenerated, damaged friendships, interests and ideals of the original change.

Besides creating dependency with all its consequences, drug abuse can also lead to:
1. Damage to various organs: liver, kidney, stomach, lung, heart, brain and reproductive system. Depending on the type of drug used, the amount and duration of use.

2. Mental changes: Impaired concentration of attention, lack of motivation to learn, work, paranoid, and Parkinson's disease.

3. Habits: may change due to lack of appetite, lack of attention to the quality of food and personal hygiene, which could lead to a state of malnutrition, thin body, pale, skin diseases and cavities.

4. The values ​​of life: religious, social, cultural mutable, free sex behavior that could lead to the risk of unwanted pregnancy, venereal diseases and others.

5. Syringes: unsterile also can result in inflammation of the blood vessels, heart infections, abscesses, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, or even HIV/AIDS.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Factors that can make a person become a drug addict

Marisa's mother did not know anything about drugs. Stuff was so far from his life, he thought as well as his son Justin. Justin was born from the womb, from a good family, school in the fine, had a good friend, the parents themselves are also working on a good, all her life and her son Justin was fine, he thought. Marisa's mother recounted to his son:

Although Mrs. Marisa became a single parent since her husband decided to split up.
drug problem. Just as many people say, I also think that the drug is the cause of the destruction of a person's life. I can not accept the logic of why Justin would try heroin wear it, but knew that he would be addicted and destroy their own lives.

Yes, many of the factors that cause people to fall into drugs, not just family dysfunction or socially improper or lack of education or a weak human character. Many factors have complicated mixed embody the drug addicts. Not only as a result of the factors such as parents.

Justin's story, for example. Parents sole him Justin was a good boy who seems impossible to be exposed to the drug, but in fact the opposite.

Before re seventeenth him that Mrs. Marisa find Justin moaned in his room. He screamed in agony for mercy on all those closest. Justin floundered rolled his room, his mouth foaming.

His hands flailed, but everyone at home retreat in fear. Uncle were in the next room did not even dare to look. Marisa's mother realized when Justin motionless.

Currently at the touch of his body and called his name Justin still does not react, I hold her wrist turns his pulse has stopped ... "Said Mrs. Marisa.

Marisa's mother then immediately limp did not have the energy to talk, momentarily silent, painful silence. Tears had been of no use anymore. Justin's favorite child was dead.

"Justin could only enjoy life only up to seventeen" He said softly. Mrs. Marisa notices to all, especially the parents who read the story of Justin, not too late to love their children, to know more closely so that we as parents know what is happening to our children not to like Justin who become victims of drugs.